my favorite thing is when someone’s in the shower and you suddenly hear a distant BANG BANG BANG CRASH and you can tell they just knocked over like all of the shampoo bottles

 #my favourite is when you hear a deep heavy sigh afterwards #or a string of curse words

navi qobot shows up in th people i follow on mobl Three times


i drew gon and pitou w/ my left foot im cryin

please. i drew these with my feet notice them

i drew gon and pitou w/ my left foot im cryin


bpd stands for borderline personality disorder but did you know it also stands for “beautiful, powerful, dreamy” bc that is what borderline people are

ive hatched so many eggs. so many. i can ride the bike path without looking. i can litrlly hatch eggs without evn lookingg at my ds. this is how far ive come

im a good sibiling purely for th fact that whn moms yelling i will yell back “yes mam” whn shes yelling at my sister bc i can make my voice sound like my sistrs


a haiku about kingdom hearts:

oh my fucking shit

heal me god fucking dammit

for fuck’s sake donald